The Dubai Office

We, at the Dubai office, are steered towards the following principle: “Targeting excellence for customers”. As a company, we strive to continuously develop our products, services, and team in an effort to fulfil our clients’ expectations. We are fully aware that success in competitive markets such as our own will never be achieved without meeting them. This observation applies across the board, whether you work in trading, consulting, contracting or facility management or you are an end-user. Whatever your needs, our local team based in the Dubai Silicon Oasis will always be ready to meet you, providing best-in-class technical, commercial and after-sales support. Get in touch with our team today and one of our members will be on hand to support you! 


At Atlantic International, our purpose is clear: to supply you with reliable services and products. Parallel to this, it is our ambition to practise sustainable development on a daily basis, with a focus on eco-responsible solutions and energy efficient products including none other than our heat pump water heaters and low-power electric water heaters.